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DHd 2016 @ Leipzig: Some impressions and a call for more lessons learned

From 7th-11th of March 2016 the third DHd conference (the biggest conference for the German speaking DH community) took place at the University of Leipzig. The focus was on “Modellierung – Vernetzung – Visualisierung: Die Digital Humanities als fächerübergreifendes Forschungsparadigma”. My tentative English translation for “Die Digital Humanities als fächerübergreifendes Forschungsparadigma” would be “Using Digital … Continue reading

My Article about the Role of Prophecy in Boendale’s ‘Boec vander Wraken’ out now!

I am very happy that finally my article about the role of prophecy in the ‘Boec vander Wraken” has been published in the newest issue of Beihefte zum Archiv für Kulturgeschichte (77). It is contained in a collection of articles edited by professor Schmieder who also organized the workshop at Erlangen where the authors discussed … Continue reading

Open Licenses make life easy

From 19th to 25th of this October has been the 8th International Open Access Week. How appropriate it was that I attended that very week an advanced training event on legal issues related to research data by Thomas Hartmann. As he has a lot of information about this topic on his website I will not … Continue reading

Tagungsbericht “Offene Lizenzen in den Geisteswissenschaften” zusammen mit Jörg Wettlaufer jetzt online auf HSozKult

Der Bericht ist lang genug, also um es kurz zu machen, zum Bericht geht es hier entlang: http://www.hsozkult.de/conferencereport/id/tagungsberichte-6014?language=en! Viel Spass beim Lesen und Kommentieren!

The Last Judgement: Christ on a rainbow in heaven, with Mary and saints; the division of the blessed and the damned, The Hague, KB, 76 F 5, found on Europeana (Public Domain)

Apocalyptische angstdromen van een Antwerpse stadsklerk? De eindtijd in het “Boec vander Wraken”

This is the title of a Dutch article I wrote in 2014 about the role of eschatology in the Middle Dutch Boec vander Wraken by Jan van Boendale. It was published in Madoc, a Dutch popular scientific journal for medieval studies. Summary: De eerste helft van de veertiende eeuw was voor Europa een periode met … Continue reading

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