Tweede Dag van de Medioneerlandistiek/Second Day of Medieval Dutch Literature, 13 June 2013, Utrecht

After the first edition in Antwerp, this year researchers in Medieval Dutch Literature from the Netherlands and Belgium came together in Utrecht to listen to very interesting papers given by Renée Gabriël (RUN) (about performative features in the Dietsche doctrinale), Jonas van Mulder (UA) (about rhymed miracles in the Halse Guldenboek, c. 1428), Remco Sleiderink (HUB) (about the multiple identity of the Brussels rederijkers, and Martine Veldhuizen (UU) (about the ‘danger of the tongue’ in medieval Dutch moralistic-didactic literature).

The afternoon was dedicated to a creative brainstorming session about the future of Medieval Dutch Studies. This was not done in a panel discussion but in small randomly assigned groups, which everybody thought was a great idea, because it made the discussion more lively and enhanced the getting to know each other. In the final panel discussion some preliminary results of the brainstorming were made public. During the following discussion it became clear that many researchers are interested in ‘doing things’ digital, but some expressed fears that in future the texts itself may disappear into the background, that is nobody will engage anymore in close reading, if corpora are analyzed digitally. The underlying tenor was however that traditional philology and Digital Humanities should complement one another, but that this also means that in the curricula there should be enough time left for the students to learn the basic skills (paleography, codicology, book history, medieval languages, reading lists…).


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