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Torn between Creating Data and Saving Data

As the deadline for DHBenelux 2014 is approaching, I start panicking slightly as my paper is still not ready. Quite a lot of my time is absorbed by my new job as a more formal kick-off of the project Humanities Data Centre is scheduled for next week. With many partners involved (you can read the official press-release of the GWDG here, sorry only in German), you can imagine it takes a lot of communication and getting to know each other. I also try to get some ideas about my new town and found already a nice yoga studio and a little choir. And I have to admit that I really need some stretching and singing with my otherwise quite sedative activities, so I have to take into account to make time for this as well.

So while I am thinking of Saving Data, I am also thinking of how to Create Data, in my case, a digital edition of the German Vierde Partie of the Spiegel Historiael by Lodewijk van Velthem. And the more I think about it while actually reading Patrick Sahle’s dissertation on Digital Editions (this enormously inspiring work is published Open Access here, again only in German) the more I start doubting. Now is doubt in academia not generally a bad thing, but the start of good research question, but at the moment I feel still miles away from translating the implications of his approach to the actual edition process. Good news it, almost two more weeks to go until the conference… So some time left to make up strategies to resolve this riddle!

If you can read German and are interested in digital editions, do get Patrick Sahle’s books! No easy read, but worth their time!

So many forms of texts… Cover of the third part of Patrick Sahle, Digitale Editionsformen, Schriften des Instituts für Dokumentologie und Editorik, 9, Norderstedt, 2013. Image location is


Safe the date: 22-23 September THAT Camp Göttingen

Recently I moved to Göttingen to start working on a new project for the Akademie der Wissenschaften Göttingen (more over that later). Göttingen is an awesome little town right in the centre of Germany (and quite rainy, so that makes me feel a bit like in Ghent) with the very renowned Georg-August-Universität, the oldest German AdW, many Max-Planck-Institute and a very active DH scene. Check the website of the GCDH (Göttingen Center for Digital Humanities).

In case you got curious and want to visit, why not use the opportunity and attend the 2014 THAT Camp Göttingen that is organized by my fantastic new colleagues Sally Chambers and Jörg Wettlaufer! Just to mention that I actually met Sally first during the 2013 THAT-Camp at Ghent, were I talked about the possibilities of TEI for manuscript description (

All information can be found here and registration starts on the 4th June. Better be fast!

See you in Göttingen!