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My Article about the Role of Prophecy in Boendale’s ‘Boec vander Wraken’ out now!

I am very happy that finally my article about the role of prophecy in the ‘Boec vander Wraken” has been published in the newest issue of Beihefte zum Archiv für Kulturgeschichte (77). It is contained in a collection of articles edited by professor Schmieder who also organized the workshop at Erlangen where the authors discussed these papers first.
Unfortunately the publisher Böhlau has a very restrictive policy concerning Open Access, so I cannot post the article right now. However, the articles in this collection are definitely worth reading, so please find out more about Mittelalterliche Zukunftsgestaltung im Angesicht des Weltendes: Forming the Future Facing the End of the World in the Middle Ages and how to order the book here.
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