Let’s all March for Science on 22nd April 2017!

“Germany depends on science, research, technology and education. The growing hostility towards science, especially in western industrial nations, is therefore a serious cause for concern.

Whether it’s the denial of climate change or absurd conspiracy theories – increasingly, scientifically proven facts are declared to be untrue while falsehoods are portrayed as „alternative facts“.

Research and science are too important to allow them to be used as a plaything of populist interest groups.

On April 22nd this year, Earth Day, people will be taking to the streets worldwide, as well as in many cities in Germany (map), to show their support for science and research as a non-negotiable base of our open and democratic society. In Germany, there will be sister marches for science in Berlin, Hamburg, Leipzig, Dresden, Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Munich, Göttingen and Tübingen.

These protests are nonpartisan. Any citizen who cares about the future of our society is welcome – not just scientists.”

From the Science March Berlin website: http://marchforscienceberlin.de/post/156903951595/march-for-science


Please spread the news about the March for Science movement, support and join a local march or organize one in your city.

The freedom of science and research is too important for all of us to stay silent!


PS: Es ist noch immer möglich den Referentenentwurf zur Reform des Urheberrechts mit einer Unterschrift der Petition zu unterstützen: https://www.change.org/p/bundesregierung-unterst%C3%BCtzung-des-referentenentwurfs-zur-reform-des-urhberrechts


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