DH in a Mug

DH in a Mug logo

A Digital Humanities Mug (short DH-mug) is a mug that has a logo and/or text closely related to DH, e. g. a DH-conference logo, a DH-project, or some meme.

The term DH-mug does not relate to any mug used by a Digital Humanist, though borders are blurry, kind of like DH itself.


The story of “DH in a mug” started with an innocent question during a very animated discussion I had with a colleague during the 2019 DARIAH Annual event: β€œWhat do You Digital Humanities people have with mugs? I never see any special mugs at History conferences?!”

It is true, there are many DH-mugs, and many people who cherish and collect them. Therefore, in Spring 2020, I created with Torsten Roeder the “DH in a Mug”-Twitter-account (@dh_mug) to explore playfully the question: What is it with DH and mugs and to tell “DH-mug-stories”! 

With “DH in a Mug” we want to collect the stories behind the mugs. The conferences, projects, and people behind these mugs and tell the history of the Digital Humanities through the lense of these special objects. We also think these mugs are remnants of a ephemeral culture that needs to be preserved. And if only as a picture.

One year later, we have collected via the “DH in a mug”-Twitter-account already quite some mugs and followers (you are awesome!). “DH in a mug” also inspired the logo and social media campaign of the German speaking virtual DH conference and was nominated for the DH-prize 2020.

We warmly invite everybody to follow @dh_mug and tweet and share their “mug-stories” and “mug-shots” with us and the world by using the hashtag #DHinaMug and/or adding @dh_mug.

See you at @dh_mug!