In spring 2011 my housemate took me to Hot Yoga Gent to try out this Bikram inspired Yoga style. I was a bit reluctant as I thought Yoga was a bit weird. However, I was sold from the first class!

Hot Yoga is a series of 26 yoga postures and practiced in a heated room, each class lasts 90 min. And believe me, each class is different! After a while I decided to take my Yoga further and to follow a 200 hrs teacher training at Absolute Yoga Academy at Kho Samui (Thailand). What an inspiring and life changing experience! After the training I started giving private classes in my living room in Ghent.

I took some private yoga classes with Ulrike and it was a great experience! Since I don’t like crowded yoga classes I decided to give it a try with a one-on-one class, and Ulrike made me feel very comfortable and created a relaxing environment. She’s an excellent teacher who pays attention to the student’s needs, preferences and limitations, and I very much enjoyed my time doing yoga with her!

Private student, Ghent

Traditionally, yoga was taught individually in one-on-one session between teacher and student. Such were my lessons with Ulrike in winter 2013 and spring 2014 in Gent, Belgium. When I started practicing with Ulrike, I had several serious issues: lots of stress at work, aching back and muscular, yet very stiff body. Ulrike carefully prepared our sessions in order to teach me basics of yoga and at the same time help me to cope with the abovementioned problems. I was very satisfied with the effect. She was a patient and precise teacher. We started as colleagues, but thanks to our mutual practices we became good friends. Our lessons stopped when Ulrike moved to Germany to pursue a new career there. I’ve been practicing Vinyasa yoga and Yin yoga in one of the yoga schools in Gent ever since. The basics I learned from Ulrike has always helped in my later practice. I recommend her as a teacher with my hand on my heart. Namasté!

Private student, Ghent

I really wanna thank you for starting the English yoga course in Göttingen. There are a lot of international students here like me who want to know yoga better but cannot find a place. You offered the opportunity for beginners and impressed us with great patience. It was a fortune to have you as our teacher.
Wish you all the best!

Student from khG Göttingen

In 2014 I moved to Göttingen, where I not only started to practice a different style of Yoga (mainly Vinyasa yoga), but also from autumn 2014 to teach my own beginners’ course “Let’s Yoga!” in English at khG Göttingen (a community house for (international) students):

term 2014-2015 (winter)

term 2015 (summer)

term 2015-2016 (winter)


At Gedong Gandhi Ashram Bali, Candidasa


2 Responses to “Yoga”
  1. Laurence Cummings says:

    Hello I am in Göttingen for five weeks. Do you do private lessons?

    Best wishes Laurence Cummings

    • Hello Laurence,
      unfortunately I moved to Berlin in February, otherwise I would have definitely considered it. If you are looking for a yoga class at Göttingen and it doesn’t have to be necessarily a private lesson, I would recommend you to give a try to Barefoot Yoga. However, the courses at Barefoot Yoga are in German. I don’t know if some of the teachers of this studio also offer private lessons.
      Best wishes, Ulrike

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